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Wyoming Correctional Facilities

Updated on: July 3, 2023
Department Name
Wyoming Department of Corrections
1934 Wyott Drive, Suite 100, Cheyenne, WY 82002
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Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates

How to find someone incarcerated in Wyoming

The incarceration rate in Wyoming is 850 per 100,000 people. The interpretation of this is that there are many inmates, and with no proper search procedure, the inmate search process could be quite a task.

Wyoming Department of Corrections (WDOC) for an inmate search

WDOC plays a key role as far as inmate location and findings are of concern. The department falls under the security docket, specifically handling matters in jail and prison. Therefore, all facilities report to it presenting their data, including names and specifications of inmates in custody.

To search WDOC, log on to their official website, and find 'inmate search. The page opens to a search portal where you fill in definitive information about the subject; full names, WDOC Inmate Number, Age, and gender.

Next, you 'Submit Search Request.' The search will immediately commence producing results of possible persons you want. Note that filling all the fields with accurate details gives precise results. Otherwise, you'll have to go into detail about sorting the entire list of results that appear.

Search results

Inmate search through WDOC offers physical descriptive information and those relating to their offense. Such descriptions include; Crime committed, residence, hosting facility, age, mugshots, release, bond, and parole.

Third-party Inmate search

Another quick online platform where you can easily locate an inmate is third-party websites. You will find plenty of them online simply by searching 'Inmate search Wyoming.' Their work procedure is quite similar to WDOC. They all feature a search portal where you key in specific details of an offender for submission; try

Wyoming Jails Roster

Incarceration is a day-to-day endeavor carried on by law enforcers across Wyoming. Any victim of these arrests finds themselves in one of the state departments of corrections, either jail or prison, if proven guilty by the courts. A question of reflection, therefore, to the family, friends, and relatives of incarcerated persons is how they find or at least check the status of one of their own. Partly, this is where a jail roster comes serves its relevancy.

The core role of a jail roster is to register all inmates in their specific facilities. In Wyoming, the list comprises all inmate names across the state.

WDOC is always free to give the public access to this information without a charge; however, as a disclaimer, it should never be used for wrong pursuits. Keep in mind that while the department updates such information, accuracy is never 100%. The reason for this is that many changes occur within a short time. Nonetheless, you can rely on it for overall reference and any questions of concern directed to the department.

Wyoming Prison System

In total, Wyoming has five prison facilities spread within its borders. Like the jails, WDOC still remains the top controlling body issuing policies and protection. The system composes various prison types defined by majorly security levels; low, medium, high, or maximum.

Inside the prison walls are programs facilitated to help transform the inmates; such include rehabilitation against drug and substance abuse, civic education, and vocational training. The facilitators of these programs are hired persons vetted under the work terms of the specific facility and general WDOC.

Visitation, communication, and sending money

Wyoming Prisons allows all the above under special guidelines to specific facilities. After finding an inmate, you can narrow down to knowing the rules that play a part in any of the mentioned items. Call or visit the facility for clarification.

WDOC in its mission, focuses on quality reentry. Anyone passing through their system should at the end of the day meet this expectation for the betterment of their personal lives.

Types of Correctional Facilities in Wyoming

Wyoming Prisons and Jails