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How to find someone incarcerated in Wisconsin

An inmate search in Wisconsin is possible if you have full names, residence information, and other details like the subject's date of birth, etc.

Based on statistics, Wisconsin positions at a 663 per 100,000 people incarceration rate in all prisons, jails, immigration detention centers, and juvenile justice facilities. Despite this vast number, inmate search procedures still work conveniently in Wisconsin.

Searching an inmate in the Wisconsin Department of Corrections (DOC) 

The Wisconsin Department of Corrections services the nation in prison and jail facilities. The docket plans and executes security procedures and management services to various facilities under its umbrella. Directly, WDOC impacts inmates as much as staff ensuring they remain safe at all times.

Beyond protection, DOC keeps a record of all inmates within its custody. All jail and prison facilities across the state share their list with the department for compilation. 

Unlike most states in the US, Wisconsin correctional department does not have an online inmate search portal; nonetheless, you can contact the department directly via a call or visit. Details on how you can reach them are at 3099 East Washington Ave. Madison, WI 53704 and (608) 240-5000

Wisconsin inmate search via Third-party websites

Third-party websites offer online inmate search services for free. Depending on the site you are using, the search is never limited to the state alone; in most cases, it covers the entire United States. Various search engines will give you suggestions on available third-party websites. Search 'Inmate Search Wisconsin' and choose from the resulting options.

The results you get from these searches show details of the offender. These include; name, zip code, county, race, birth year, and status.

Wisconsin Jails Roster

A jail roster forms an alternative way to conduct an inmate search in Wisconsin. The method is pretty simple as long as you can contact WDOC and give details of the inmate.

WDOC is the chief custodian of all the inmates across the state. They keep incarceration history and avail them for reference to the general public.

If you are accessing this from third-party websites, always click on the inmate's name for more information. The advanced search shows mugshots, aliases, current location, status, court cases, transfers within the incarceration system, and more photos.

Other than DOC, you can also access jail rosters at the county level. Visit the local sheriff or specific jail facilities to access the list.

Note: Inmate details at WDOC change often; if a new update mises, check again after 24 hours. At the county level, these updates are quicker. In most access, you'll always find an updated jail roster.

Wisconsin Prison System

Wisconsin Prison System comprises 24 state prison facilities distributed across the state. Among the 24, there are variations in security level and type of inmates they house, young or old. Security-wise, there are low-security facilities, medium and maximum. Notorious prisoners, in most cases, are found in the maximum facilities. Their reinforcement is much better topped up with 24-hour camera surveillance solitary and a strict program.

Young convicts have special custody, the juvenile prisons. The treatment here is rather typical with the old, only with a few exceptions. Young offenders are subjected to social work and school work. Ordinarily, they are admitted to various schools to maintain their learning procedures as a right.

Wisconsin Prison System management

WDOC protects the public via the constructive management of officials. The department offers programming, education, and treatment to inmates within their care. WDOC's mission is to realize excellence in transformational practices while nurturing safety for communities and victims.

Types of Correctional Facilities in Wisconsin

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