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West Virginia

West Virginia Correctional Facilities

Updated on: August 7, 2023
Department Name
West Virginia Division of Corrections
1409 Greenbrier Street Charleston, WV 25311
Phone Number
(304) 558-2036
(304) 558-5934
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates

How to find someone incarcerated in West Virginia

The Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation (DCR) in West Virginia stands central in ensuring the safety and well-being of inmates in all correctional facilities. Besides protection, the department offers a reference point for an inmate search. The procedure is direct and simple; you only need a little information regarding the person of interest, full name, and registration number.

On the search page, various options are available to help narrow down your results;

  1. Daily Incarcerations
  2. Offender Search (Jails)
  3. Offender Search (Prisons)
  4. Escapees and Absconders

Whichever your selection is, the page will give you results on the physical description of the subject inmate and jail information. Physical descriptions mainly would be represented in the mugshots; however, others like height, age, and weight will be in writing. Jail information, in this case, will entail; the arrest date, housing facility, parole, transfers, and release dates, among others.


While inmate search information is available to all, DCR warns that its use must be appropriate once accessed. It all gives information that the uploaded data may never be 100% accurate based on the current time as it changes quickly with time. Again, anyone using this information for the wrong purpose, such as defamation, will remain liable.

Other warnings go against republication or reuse without authorization. Read details not to fall a culprit.

Alternative search options

If DCR does not give you all the fulfilment, an option you have is third-party websites; they exist in plenty if you search. These are privately owned websites managed by crime-fighting organizations. To search, enter the search parameter details and names particularly and click on search. Other sites may feature advanced search options for more precise results.

West Virginia Jails Roster

If you need information on all inmates within West Virginia, the West Virginia Jails Roster will greatly help. All entries regarding inmates must always appear on this special register. It combines all information from every facility within the region and makes them into a list accessible to the general public.

The in charge of this register is always the DCR. They update new admissions, release, parole, transfers, and more. Missing updates would probably mean the system is not yet updated, and the call is always to wait until the next 24 hours.

You are always free to inquire about any incorrect information uploaded on the roster. Call or visit the department during office hours for assistance.

West Virginia Prison System

The system belongs to the DCR and consists of a branch of detainment facilities and programs for serious crime offenders. There are plenty of prisons across West Virginia. They are fortified premises built to withstand both inside and outside security threats. Each runs on the day-to-day management of a director who reports and gets direction from DCR.

Part of this system is the staff. This group combines wardens, casual workers, specialists like medics and mechanics, electricians and so on.

West Virginia Prisons vary from low to medium and finally to maximum security level. Notorious prisoners find themselves in the maximum types, locked up in solitary wings.


West Virginia Prison System aims to transform inmates into valuable community persons. Such schemes designed for this include civic education, vocational training and rehabilitation from drug and substance use. Prisons offer these programs for free and allow inmates to choose those of their interest. For specific details, contact the nearest facility or reach out to DCR.

Like most prison systems, West Virginia permits communication, visitation and money sending. However, you must note that some specific rules and regulations apply per the facility.

Types of Correctional Facilities in West Virginia

West Virginia Prisons and Jails