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Virginia Correctional Facilities

Updated on: June 26, 2023

How to Find an Inmate Incacareted in Virginia

Virginia is a South Eastern state that has a robust law enforcement system, making it one of the safest regions in the country. One key department is the Virginia Prison and Corrections Department. It's the main entity responsible for managing inmates in the region.

However, locating an inmate through all these jails and the expansive size of Virginia can be difficult. Luckily, resources like the internet have made the inmate search process convenient. Most jails have leveraged this resource to offer details like inmate information conveniently.

The Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) operates an online inmate locator system. It is a resource you can use to locate inmates currently housed in a Virginia correctional facility.

The system can be used to search for inmates by name, DOC number or by location. Visitors can also access information such as offender demographics, offense history, sentence information, and current custody status.

The VADOC also offers an in-person inmate search service at their headquarters in Richmond, VA. The search must be conducted in person and requires a valid photo I.D.

Visit the Virginia Department of Corrections website. This website provides information on Virginia state inmates and their locations. Here are the steps involved in this process:

  1. Click on the "Offender Search" link located on the homepage.
  2. Enter the inmate's name and click the "Search" button. Wait a few minutes for the system to populate all the relevant inmate biodata.
  3. Review the results to find the inmate's location. The results will include the offender's name, DOC number, location, release date, and other details.
  4. Contact the facility where the inmate is located if you need additional information or assistance. You can find the contact information for each facility on the DOC website. Remember to make the contact process during normal working hours.

Are you still not successful in locating an inmate's specific details? Here are some other alternatives you can use for accessing these details:

Virginia Inmate Roster

The Virginia Department of Corrections provides information and updates on all inmates incarcerated in Virginia.

To view the Virginia inmate roster, visit the Virginia Department of Corrections website and select the "Inmate Locator" link. Select the "Inmate Roster" option to search for an inmate by name, birth date, or inmate I.D. number.

You can also search for an inmate by the facility in which they are housed. The inmate roster provides details on the inmates currently at the jail, not those who have been released after term completion. The roster also details sex offenders, parole and community work inmates.

Updates to the roster occur based on information received from Virginia county jails. It's also possible to contact the prison for more information on errors in edits that should occur to the

Virginia Prison System

The Virginia Department of Corrections is responsible for the state's prison system. It operates 29 adult correctional facilities, including 24 prisons, four correctional centers, and one road camp.

The department also operates many correctional programs, including work release, educational and vocational training, work programs, and substance abuse treatment. In addition, the department provides services such as health care, mental health care, and religious services.

The department also provides re-entry services to help offenders successfully transition back into the community. The department is overseen by the Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security, who the Governor appoints.

The prison system also works on community-based welfare programs that also involve inmates. The purpose of these programs is to help inmates transition back into the community.

Types of Correctional Facilities in Virginia

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