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Vermont Correctional Facilities

Updated on: February 17, 2023

How to Find an Inmate in Vermont

Searching for an inmate in a specific jail in Vermont can sometimes be challenging. You may have to sift through countless records and even visit different jails. However, you can also use the Vermont Online inmate search system.

It's a powerful search resource that consolidates inmate records from different counties in the region. The Sheriff's Departments are responsible for relaying this information to the Vermont DOC. Here are the key steps for this process:

To find an inmate in Vermont, you can search the Vermont Department of Corrections website for inmate records.

You can search by name, birth date, or DOC number. You can also call the Department of Corrections at (802) 241-2442 for assistance.

It's possible that some inmate records might come up missing or contain some errors. The best way to solve this problem is to contact the prison department through phone calls. Or you can also make an in-person visit during normal working hours.

The inmate booking process determines whether the information will be available at a specific time. You may have to wait up to three days for the Vermont DOC database to get updates.

That is because the amount of inmate data processed daily by all corresponding law enforcement agencies is huge. Fortunately, there are several options for finding inmate data in Vermont.

Inmate Roster

The Vermont inmate rosters typically contain the name and ID number of each individual incarcerated in a correctional facility and their date of birth, gender, race, current location and status (in transit, active, inactive, etc.).

Other details may include the incarceration date, sentence length, type of offence, and any disciplinary actions taken. In some cases, the roster may also include photos of each inmate. The Vermont inmate roster provides information on both male and female inmates.

It usually takes up to three days for this department to upload records. Some reasons for this include standard inmate processing steps in local jails. Another reason could be the inmate is still in transportation or has failed to cooperate with law enforcement agencies.

There is no definitive number of prisons in Virginia because it often changes from time. However, as of July 2020, the Virginia Department of Corrections lists 32 state-operated correctional facilities.

Vermont Prison Department

The Vermont Department of Corrections is a state agency that administers correctional services and manages the state's prison system. It is responsible for providing services to inmates. These include medical care, mental health treatment, educational opportunities, and other support services.

If you have questions about the Vermont Department of Corrections, please visit the department's website at or contact the department directly. They usually have a customer support member working 24/7 for convenience.

The Vermont Department of Corrections oversees the state's prison system, consisting of 10 facilities housing 2,062 inmates. The department also operates a network of community-based correctional facilities and services.

The Vermont Department of Corrections is responsible for administering and operating Vermont's state correctional facilities.

The department is led by the Commissioner, which the Governor appoints. The Vermont Department of Corrections provides policy direction and technical assistance to local, state, and federal correctional agencies.

The department is divided into the following entities:

Types of Correctional Facilities in Vermont

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