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South Dakota

South Dakota Correctional Facilities

Updated on: March 30, 2023
Department Name
South Dakota Department of Corrections
3200 East Highway 34, c/o 500 East Capitol Avenue Pierre, SD 57501
Phone Number
(605) 773-3478
(605) 773-3194
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates

How to Find Someone Incarcerated In South Dakota

South Dakota law enforcement agencies execute arrest warrants issued by the local courts. Likewise, they respond to numerous incidences that can result in arrests. Then, is your friend or loved one arrested and detained in South Dakota? If so, they may end up in a city or county jail, state or federal prison, or immigration or juvenile detention, depending on the nature of their charges and the stage of their criminal justice process. Hence, here are at least three common ways to locate an offender in South Dakota: -

1.     Statewide Inmate Search

The South Dakota Department of Corrections (SDDOC) has an elaborate offender locator on its official website. Through it, family and friends can locate anyone incarcerated in a state prison.

If the inmate is an escapee, walk-away, or parole absconder, check the list of most wanted persons here. The search results include a narrative detailing the incidences leading to the escape or walking away. And the list of parole absconders has the warrant date and number, helping you to follow up with local law enforcement agencies.

2.     Jail Roster Lookup

Was your friend or loved one recently arrested or is faced a misdemeanor charge in South Dakota? If so, they could be detained in a city or county jail. For this, scrutinize the jail rosters of the holding facility operated by the arresting law enforcement agency to locate your loved one. Indeed, South Dakota Police and Sheriff's Departments operate city and county jails, respectively. Hence, they provide an online jail roster lookup on their official websites. A typical online jail roster lookup requires you to provide the name or booking number of the offender to generate the inmate listing.

3.     In-Person Search

Some law enforcement agencies prefer maintaining their jail rosters offline. Here, take note of the department’s physical address and contacts from the official website. Then, book an appointment with the jail administrator to scrutinize the jail roster.

Next, if you are sure the person ought to be in state prison, but your online statewide inmate search is unsuccessful, book an appointment with the presiding prison warden to confirm in person. Indeed, the online listing may exclude recently released or transferred felons. And it may not capture new inmates still undergoing the orientation process.

South Dakota Jails Roster

South Dakota city and county jails maintain jail rosters and update them hourly or daily. A typical jail roster displays a list of all inmates currently in custody. Only it excludes arrestees yet to complete the booking process. Likewise, it may still show details of inmates released during public holidays or weekends.

South Dakota Prison System

South Dakota prison system comprises correctional facilities and stakeholders looking after adult and juvenile offenders as they serve their sentences. By the end of 2018, there were 3,948 offenders in custody, 3,201 parolees, and 5,989 probationers in South Dakota. During this period, South Dakota employed 760 uniformed and support staff to look after the offenders. Plus, it had a prison budget of $111,000,000. Below are more facts about the South Dakota prison system: -

Types of Correctional Facilities in South Dakota

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