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Oregon Correctional Facilities

Updated on: February 25, 2023

How to Find Someone Incarcerated in Oregon

Oregon law enforcement agencies arrest and detain persons suspected of violating local and state laws. The arrestees go through the booking process, appear before a judge, are released, or may transfer to other holding facilities to serve longer sentences. Hence, the offenders' custody status can change several times depending on their current stage in the criminal justice process. Then, are you looking for someone incarcerated in Oregon? Here are three ways to do so: -

1. Oregon Statewide Offender Search

The Oregon Department of Corrections has an elaborate offender lookup on its official website. Through it, family and friends can locate their loved one serving time in an Oregon state prison. Follow these steps to find the offender: -

Once you spot the offender in the online Oregon statewide lookup, make arrangements to confirm in person.

Note that the above steps help you locate an adult inmate in an Oregon state prison. Also, you can find a Level 3 sex offender using the Oregon State Police Sex Offender Registry. The sex offender listed here may still be in prison or out on supervision.  

2. Jail Roster Inmate Search

Are you searching for an offender arrested within the last 60 days? If so, they could still be in a county or city jail. For this, contact the arresting law enforcement agency to scrutinize their jail roster online at their official website or in person at their lobby.

3. Juvenile & Immigration Detainees Lookup

Call the Oregon Department of Corrections at (503) 945-9090 to locate a juvenile offender in Oregon. Likewise, go to and conduct an inmate search for a federal inmate/immigration detainee.

Oregon Jails Roster

Oregon Sheriff's Offices and police departments use jail rosters to record and monitor who is in their county jails, what they are in for, and their planned movements up the criminal justice system. These jail rosters are available online or at the department's headquarters for public scrutiny. Online jail rosters require the offender's name or booking number to generate the detainee's details. That is,

Oregon Prison System

Oregon prison system is the final stage for anyone going through the criminal justice system in Oregon. It comprises correctional facilities involved in the punishing, treating, and supervising of persons convicted of crimes. These facilities include state prisons, federal prisons, juvenile detention centers, city and county jails, and immigration detentions. Check out more facts about the Oregon prison system below: 

Types of Correctional Facilities in Oregon

Oregon Prisons and Jails