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New York

New York Correctional Facilities

Updated on: February 15, 2023
Department Name
New York City Department of Corrections
75-20 Astoria Blvd. East Elmhurst, NY 11370
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Official Website
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How to Find Someone Incarcerated In New York

Is your friend or loved one incarcerated in New York? If so, there are numerous ways to locate them in the New York correctional system. First, use the New York statewide inmate search to retrieve the offender's information. Indeed, the statewide offender lookup is a comprehensive and up-to-date database of current and released inmates within the state since the early 1970s. Here are the steps to searching for an incarcerated person in New York: -

  1. Go to
  2. Search by DIN, name, or NYSID
  3. If searching by DIN, provide the Department ID Number in the search query form
  4. If searching by name, specify the first and last names, MI, Suffix, and Birth Year in the search query form
  5. If searching by NYSID (for Criminal Justice only), type the New York State ID Number in the search query form
  6. Click search
  7. The search results will display the following offender details: -

The New York statewide offender lookup omits youthful offender records, which became confidential as per Criminal Procedure Law §720.35. For this, contact the relevant sentencing juvenile court. And the Department removes incarceration information of non-violent offenders five years after their release. It restores the information to the database if the offenders return to prison.

New York Jail Roster

All city and county jails in New York have jail rosters containing lists of inmates in their custody. The list provides the detainee's personal information, arrest and booking details, and the custody statuses. Also, it has useful links to help family members stay in touch with the inmate. Most Sheriff's Departments and Police Departments allow anyone to scrutinize their jail rosters in person at their offices or online via a user-friendly offender lookup.

Then, if your friend or loved one is at a city or county jail, go to the Department's official website and open the link to their jail roster. Use the offender's name or booking ID to narrow your search results. Most New York jails update their online jail rosters daily. Alternatively, book an appointment with the jail administrator to scrutinize the jail roster in person.

New York Prison System 

The New York prison system comprises all correctional facilities in New York. They include state prisons, city and county jails, and federal correctional facilities.

The New York Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS) oversees the care, detention, and humane treatment of individuals serving in state prisons and those out under community supervision. In turn, it operates 52 correctional facilities employing at least 30,000 uniformed and support staff overseeing the welfare of 43,500 inmates. And its Community Supervision division supervises and reintegrates at least 36,500 former inmates who are on conditional release. DOCCS is headed by the Commissioner overseeing all the New York state prisons.

Federal Detention FacilitiesThere are five stand-alone federal prisons in New York, operated by the Northeast Regional Office. The federal prisons hold at least 3,194 inmates under administrative, minimum, and medium security levels.

The Office of Children and Family Services nine juvenile detention centers in New York. The facilities hold up to 400 juvenile delinquents and youthful offenders who undergo juvenile justice programs in a residential care system.

Next, most offenders start their journey through the New York prison city at city or county jail. The local Sheriff's Department operates the arresting county jail, while the local Police Department oversees the care and custody of detainees in its city jail. The jails have Superintendents assisted by their deputies to run the inmate programs and supervise the administration and security responsibilities.

Finally, most law enforcement agencies stationed in villages and rural districts in New York rely on jail lockups to detain suspects. The offenders reside at the police lockups temporarily to await transfer to the nearest city or county jail.

Types of Correctional Facilities in New York

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