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New Hampshire

New Hampshire Correctional Facilities

Updated on: February 16, 2023
Department Name
New Hampshire Department of Corrections
105 Pleasant Street, PO Box 1806, Concord, NH 03302-1806
Phone Number
(603) 271-5600
(888) 908-6609
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates

How to Find Someone Incarcerated in New Hampshire

Inmate records are created upon the arrest and incarceration of every New Hampshire resident. The records include sentencing information, date of birth, probation status, name, and physical description. These records are stored on different websites run by the prison, the sheriff, the state, or private organizations.

Third-party inmate rosters offer easier and more detailed information, especially because they have no geographical restrictions. However, the information loaded in third-party websites varies from one site to the next. Third-party aggregate inmate record websites require providing information such as:

The New Hampshire Department of Corrections supervises the prison system's operations and activities. This organization has a statewide inmate roster offering records of everybody jailed. The NHDC inmate locator stores all active sentencing data and the statute title the offender was sentenced for. It also shows the expected release date, technical parole information, probation information, and more.

It’s important to note that every state-operated jail facility has an inmate locator. Go to the jail's official website to find more details about the inmate is also a highly trusted organization with one of the best inmate locators.

New Hampshire Jail Roster

The list of jail rosters in New Hampshire is manifold. The official inmate roster managed by NHDC, the key state prison overseer body, has the largest collection of inmate records. You can find names of people incarcerated in different jails on this inmate locator. In fact, you can get details of inmates in practically all jail types, from high-security to low-security and women to men and juvenile jails.

For more detailed inmate records, you can search the official inmate locator of the target jail. Additionally, you can find inmate records by checking the official sheriff’s office, especially for county prisons. There are a variety of recognized private prisoner locators to find valuable data on prisoners. However, the issue with private-operated inmate rosters is that they don’t always offer the most recent and accurate data. Although some have partnered with the target jails, they rarely get the data on time.

Sheriff-operated and state-owned inmate locators are usually the best and most reliable. The data in this platform is updated regularly. You’ll find some locators having dedicated teams to update the rosters regularly.

New Hampshire Prison System

New Hampshire has a total of 10 jails located in 10 different counties. 2019 prison stats showed the prisoner population under the New Hampshire correctional authorities stood at 2691. The population included prisoners in state, private, and local incarceration centers. Per the same stats, the total employee population in state-operated detention centers stood at 893.

The state has four state prisons holding felons serving a sentence of at least a year. One of the facilities holds female inmates, while the other three are for male inmates. The facilities are properly disturbed throughout the state to offer valuable inmate care services to different communities. Similarly, the state has one juvenile detention center operated by the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services under the Juvenile Justice Division. There is also a federal incarceration center for housing high-security inmates detained for breaking federal laws. New Hampshire State has dozens of local jails that hold pretrial detainees for less than a year.

Incarceration statistics show that 92% of all inmates locked in jails are male, while only 8% are female. The juvenile incarceration rate for 100,000 people stands at 54, lower than the national average by up to 88%. All jails have different restoration and rehabilitation programs and educational and skill-based programs.

Types of Correctional Facilities in New Hampshire

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