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Nevada Correctional Facilities

Updated on: June 19, 2023
Department Name
Nevada Department of Corrections
5500 Snyder Avenue, Bldg. 17,Carson City, Nevada 89701
Phone Number
(775) 887-3285
(775) 687-6715
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates

How to Find Someone Incarcerated in Nevada

Finding a detainee locked up in correctional centers in Nevada requires going the extra mile to make a call or search online. Online search is the most common because of the many government-owned and privately-run inmate locators.

The Nevada Department of Corrections runs a comprehensive and user-friendly prisoner locator. This system facilitates prisoner search through inmates' demographics and identification numbers. Searches with offender ID number offer more accurate results. That's because it's the unique identification system jails use to differentiate and identify offenders.

Many prisons under state, federal and county classifications in Nevada have reliable detainee locators. You need the jail name and the ID of your target inmate to conduct searches on these databases. Some prisoner systems require the inmate's birth date and name.

Cases, where the names of inmates aren't available on the prison databases require calling relevant bodies. The first department to call is the prison; you can find the official prison phone number on the prison's official page. You can call the sheriff's office to help you with prisoner searches when an inmate is locked up in county jails. For state prisons, you need to call the Nevada Department of Corrections for assistance with prisoner searches at 775) 977-5699.

Nevada Jails Roster

Nevada State has multiple prisons under its primary prison regulatory body, the Nevada Department of Corrections. This is the overall overseer of jail departments and other bodies working collectively with prisons to safeguard and improve the lives of prisoners and the community. Under its huge inmate database, you can find raw offender data. The NDC prisoner locator supports multiple browsers, including Opera, Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, and Chrome. Information on this locator includes booking dates, release dates, Parole, Probation, and other relevant details.

The Official Nevada state inmate locator may not always feature accurate and updated data. Such cases demand using alternative prisoner locators. The NEVADA.STATERECORDS.ORG is the second-largest prisoner database, offering the most recent and accurate raw data. It's a privately-owned organization operating under the regulations of the NDC.

The State Courts Department has a large detainee database providing updates on the latest arrests, incarcerations, releases, parole, and probations. The Nevada Inmate Information Center offers quality access to vital prisoner data, including booking numbers, charges, and court dates. Additionally, you can look up prisoners serving a jail term or awaiting sentencing in Nevada prisoners on the Federal Inmate Search website.

Nevada Prison System

Nevada is one of the US States with the least number of prisons. Per 2019 statistics, Nevada had 20 detention centers in 17 different counties. The jail population was 12840 in 7 state prisons, private prisons, nine conservation camps and local prisons. The incarceration rates in Nevada stand at 713 inmates per every 100,000 people.

Currently, slightly over 23,000 people are locked up in different prisons in Nevada, including juvenile justice facilities, immigration detention facilities, jails, and other prison settings. State prisons house 13000 inmates, local prisons 7200, and federal prisons house 1800 persons. Nevada State books at least 38,000 people into different prisons every year. The larger Nevada incarceration population mostly comes from four main counties, white pine, Pershing, Clark, and Nye County.

The Nevada prison system supports prisoners' rights and needs while guaranteeing community security. The system integrates multiple types of management systems to help keep prisoners in touch with inmates without exposing anyone to security risks. Many prisons have commissary systems to facilitate sending money to prisoners. They also have phone systems with different tariffs and payment options to facilitate communication between detainees and their loved ones. Additionally, different prisons in Nevada have different visitation rules and schedules, including on-site and remote video visitations.

Types of Correctional Facilities in Nevada

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