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How to find someone incarcerated in Montana

Law enforcers in Montana state ensure all offenders are apprehended and brought to book. Only the guilty find themselves in prisons and jail facilities, where most' inmate search' topics become interesting. Apart from family, friends, and relatives, other institutions/ individuals may also be interested in information about inmates, mainly their holding facility and status.

The search for an inmate in Montana may take various options whose choice would depend on the level of convenience they bring. The first option is through the Montana Department of Correction inmate search portal. The department, abbreviated as MTDOC, is the official body's duties are maintaining and managing all detention facilities and inmates. Relative to its duties, MTDOC keeps records of all the inmates within the state, constantly updating their status with time.

MTDOC portal allows you a simple search procedure that begins with filling in details of the incarcerated person. The required information, in this case, are two either Department of Corrections I.D. Number or First and Last names. Keying all of them at once is still okay, as that would even promote the most accurate and precise result.

Expected result 

MTDOC inmate search results give information on full names, date of birth, holding facility, age, mugshots, release, parole, and probation.

The second search option is third-party websites. You often get these online when searching for an inmate lookup in Montana or wherever. Their procedure in this quest is quite similar to the MTDOC style. The key difference could be with the number of search parameters; instead of the two names and DOC number, they might also have the date of birth, and residence/ city, among others.

At a local level, inmate Montana can be done through County Sheriffs and specific jails or prison facilities. To get the information, call or visit the respective facilities.

Montana Jail Roster

All arrested and jailed persons have their physical and incarceration details recorded by the MTDOC. These records often stay updated, given the frequency of change that would probably occur in an inmate's life, i.e., transfers, release, parole, bond, etc.

MTDOC handles records from many facilities, which explains why the update may sometimes take longer, mostly 24 hours. If you want a quick review, you should probably check the list available at your nearest facility – this would work if you are confident of the inmate's location.

In some cases, this information is available with third-party websites. You might want to dig deep into finding out which one for more options. Nonetheless, MTDOC got the best and most easily accessible platform for all your inquiries. Still, you can contact the department via phone or visit for more details and confirmations.

Montana Prison System

The Montana Department of Corrections has 22 prison facilities, four state-run and the rest, 18 contracted throughout the state. From the top department, MTDOC, each prison facility is headed by a director who oversees the day-to-day run of the activities. In support, there are prison staff consisting of wardens, medics, engineers, and teachers.

MTDOC mainly focuses on correcting behaviors and adding knowledge to the inmates in preparation for successful re-entry. So to say, the programs offered at various facility conforms with the mission and in detail composes;

The facility hires professionals to assist with these programs, which they offer under strict security terms. After qualification, inmates are awarded tasks which they handle for some little but substantial payment.

The Montana Prison System equally supports parole and probation. Under these programs, MTDOC provides security and close watch to ensure proper behavior by the subject. Precise information on visitation, communication, and money sending are with specific departments. Call or visit for assistance.

Types of Correctional Facilities in Montana

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