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Mississippi Correctional Facilities

Updated on: July 19, 2023
Department Name
Mississippi Department of Corrections
301 North Lamar Street, Jackson, MS 39201
Phone Number
(601) 359-5600
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates

How to Find Someone Incarcerated in Mississippi

Multiple government-owned and independently-operated organizations run inmate rosters in Mississippi. The Mississippi Department of Corrections inmate locator has state-wise records of prisoners locked up in various state, county, and local prisons. The state inmate search tool collects and stores data from different prisons. You can locate your inmate by keying in their name or the MDOC ID number. Results loaded on this inmate locator include offense committed, gender and physical description, date of birth, court dates, facility confined, release date, and bond amount.

To find an inmate locked up in a Mississippi prison, you can also search the inmate roster operated by the local police or your county sheriff's department. The local police department commander and sheriff keep accounts of all incarcerations. You can call their offices directly to source data regarding an inmate. Additionally, you can call the jail directly if you don't find an inmate.

The online detainee locator system is another online resource for inmate records. The locator lists names and stores incarceration records of detainees above 18 years held in ICE custody. You need the ODLS no of the incarcerated person to search their records in this online record. The Mississippi State Penitentiary prisoner locator is also a great resource for updated inmate records.

Mississippi Inmate Roster

Different organizations in Mississippi carry information about incarcerations and inmate records. You can learn a lot from inmate rosters, from incarcerations, probations, and parole to inmate visitations and bonds. The first inmate roster you can trust for accurate and recent inmate records is The data offered on this inmate locator include but are not limited to the agreed release dates, the housing facility, the names, and other crucial personal information.

The official State MDOC inmate locator provides an extensive database of inmates and jails. You can search inmates by name or per the jail they are locked up in. If you can't locate your prisoner using these lookups, is another trustworthy website. The website offers records of prisoners locked in Federal Bureau Prisons, Police Department jails, city jails, regional facilities, State prisons, and county jails.

For the most recent and verified prisoner details, it's prudent to use inmate lockups supported by the Mississippi Department of Corrections. Utilizing platforms that don't have the support of government-owned and good online credibility is unsafe. You may never get quality and accurate inmate records, so you may face varied challenges scheduling visitations, sending money and mail, or contacting the jail.

Mississippi State Prison System    

The Mississippi State prison system comprises multiple departments and prisons operating under different capacities. State prisons hold prisoners sentenced by the Mississippi state courts, while federal prisons house inmates sentenced by federal courts. Local and county jails hold prisoners sentenced under various county laws. The Mississippi Department of Corrections is assigned the duty of managing state-owned prisons. Mississippi has four stand-alone federal jails and a prison camp housing 4009 prisoners.

The incarceration rate in Mississippi stands at 1031 for every 100,000 people. The stats are for jails in all capacities, including juvenile justice, immigration detention centers, women's jails, and state, federal, and local jail facilities. A rough estimate shows that over 50% of Mississippi prisoners are held in state and federal prisons. Further statistics show that the Mississippi detention centers and jails release around 6971 prisoners yearly. 2018 jail reports show that the state has 89 prisons in 82 states.

Similarly, there were 19275 prisoners in different state, local, and private prisons. Basically, state-owned and operated prisons had a staff population of 1944. The Mississippi population under probation was 27,294, while those under parole were 9866.

Types of Correctional Facilities in Mississippi

Mississippi Prisons and Jails