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Minnesota Correctional Facilities

Updated on: August 7, 2023
Department Name
Minnesota Department of Corrections
1450 Energy Park Drive, Suite 200, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55108
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Currently Incarcerated Inmates

How to Find an Inmate Incarcerated in Minnesota

Ranking 12th size among the 50 states in the USA, Minnesota is also home to some of the most robust prison systems.

The "Land of 10,000" lakes also provides various resources for locating any would-be inmates. One of these methods involves the online search approach, which makes accessing user data convenient. It also allows users to get real-time updates on individuals, parole, or sex offenders.

The best way to find an inmate incarcerated in Minnesota is to visit the Minnesota Department of Corrections website. On the website, there is an inmate locator tool that you can use to search for an inmate.

You can search for an inmate using their first and last name or offender ID. The website will provide you with the name and location of the facility where the inmate is being held. Additionally, the website also provides contact information for each facility. You may also need the following details if you fail to find the inmate online:

Minnesota Inmate Roster

Minnesota's prisons are divided into Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 prisons are the most secure facilities designed to house individuals convicted of serious, violent, or repeat offenses. Level 2 prisons are less secure and are designed to house individuals convicted of less serious offenses.

The Minnesota Inmate Roster is a searchable database of all inmates currently in custody in Minnesota. The Minnesota Department of Corrections maintains it.

The roster provides information on inmates, such as their name, booking number, status, location, photo, and release date. It also includes information on the charges the inmates are facing, their court case numbers, and details about their current status.

The roster is updated daily and can be searched by name, booking number, or county. Updates to the inmate roster occur based on data provided by the Sherriff's departments of different counties. You can also access inmate records through these platforms' websites and phone details.

Minnesota Prison System

The Minnesota Department of Corrections operates the Minnesota prison system, one of the largest in the country. As of 2019, the Minnesota prison system housed over 10,000 inmates in 17 prisons. The prison system is divided into three levels of security, ranging from minimum to maximum security.

The Minnesota prison system also operates various rehabilitation and treatment programs for inmates, including substance abuse treatment, educational programs, and vocational programs. In addition, the Minnesota Department of Corrections also provides reentry services to help inmates transition back into their communities after serving their sentences.

The Minnesota Department of Corrections (DOC) is the state agency responsible for the supervision and management of adult offenders.

 It operates ten prisons, 13 community correctional facilities, and four sex offender treatment facilities, as well as providing services to offenders on probation, parole, and supervised release.

The prisons and correctional facilities house more than 10,000 inmates and are located throughout Minnesota. The DOC also provides rehabilitation and support services to the inmates, including educational and vocational training, substance abuse treatment, mental health and medical care, and work programs.

The DOC also operates programs to reduce recidivism and help offenders successfully re-enter society. In addition, the DOC oversees several community-based services, such as halfway houses and county jails.

The DOC also has several initiatives designed to improve public safety, such as the Minnesota Recidivism Reduction Program, which reduces repeat criminal behavior. The DOC also works closely with law enforcement agencies, community organizations, and local governments to strengthen public safety in Minnesota.

Types of Correctional Facilities in Minnesota

Minnesota Prisons and Jails