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How to Find Someone Incarcerated in Michigan

There are many ways to locate someone incarcerated in Michigan. Here are the most common methods.

  1. Search the inmate database on the Michigan Department of Corrections website. It is available on this website.

In Michigan, the department of corrections (DOC) maintains a database of inmates that the public can search. The system is called MI-Inmate Search. The MDOC offers information on inmate search and inmate locator services.

The website allows you to search for individuals who are currently incarcerated in Michigan state prisons, jails, or juvenile detention centers. Visit each facility's page individually, clicking on "Inmates" in the top navigation bar, and then clicking on "Search Inmates."

You can visit the DOC website to check whether someone is currently incarcerated in Michigan's prisons or jails. There you will find information about where inmates are being held and when they might be released from prison or jail.

  1. If you have information about someone who may be a current inmate, you should contact law enforcement immediately.

Call the Michigan Department of Corrections at +1 517-335-1426 to find out if an inmate's last known address or phone number was listed on their record or have them search for someone using a name or DOB that you know about.

You will need their name and DOB, along with information about when they were last arrested, how long they've been incarcerated, what charges they were convicted of, and any other details you can think of that might help narrow down your search results.

  1. You may also want to look through local newspapers for notices about upcoming trials or court hearings related to your loved one's case. The local newspaper may include information about where these events will take place and when they will occur.

Primarily, this can help you find out when your loved one will be released from jail so that you can visit them before they are released back into society again!

Michigan Jails Roster

Michigan jail roster is a list of jail inmates and their charges. The jail roster also contains information about what crimes are considered violent crimes in Michigan.

For instance, if a person is convicted of aggravated assault, they will be listed as an inmate at the Michigan jail. The jail roster contains similar information with regard to inmates who have been convicted of other violent crimes in the state of Michigan.

The Michigan jail roster is updated every day when a new inmate arrives. That means that there are several different ways that you can learn about an individual who has been arrested for a crime in your area. Some of the information you can obtain include:

Michigan Prison System

The Michigan prison system is under the Department of Corrections (DOC). The Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) is the state agency responsible for operating Michigan's prisons and jails. The DOC reports to the Michigan Legislature and Governor through a Board of Corrections.

The system is divided into three tiers: Adult Correctional Facilities, Juvenile Correctional Facilities, and Community Corrections Centers. There are over 30 Adult Correctional Facilities, most located in Southern Michigan and Northern Michigan.

There are 17 Juvenile Correctional Facilities that house up to 30 juveniles in each facility. The remaining facilities house adult offenders only.

The Community Corrections Centers are located throughout Michigan in different areas of the state. The CCCs provide substance abuse treatment, anger management courses, and job training programs for inmates who want to return to society after serving their sentences. The MDOC also maintains a database of inmates and prisoners currently incarcerated in Michigan

Types of Correctional Facilities in Michigan

Michigan Prisons and Jails