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Maryland Correctional Facilities

Updated on: August 3, 2023

How to find someone incarcerated in Maryland

Maryland has no shortage of inmates, which probably is a bad thing; at least every day, new admissions occur in jail and prison facilities across the state. From a statistical point of view, Maryland books about 83,000 inmates per year in its local jails. Judging from these numbers, the question of how to find someone incarcerated in Maryland ultimately appears more relevant.

Maryland inmate search in detail would mean that you access the list of all inmates within the state's boundary, but how do you do this?

The Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) is the in-charge body dealing with all matters concerning detention facilities. It is one body charged with protecting the health and well-being of staff, inmates, and detainees across all the state facilities. Based on its roles, DPSCS keeps records on new admissions, releases, parole, programs enrolled by inmates, and more concerning the whereabouts and state of the inmates.

How to locate an inmate via DPSCS


The site is a direct inmate search platform with only one search parameter, full names, first and last. Note that several results can appear on a single name search, mostly when inmates share the same/ similar names. In such cases, therefore, ensure to scroll further, checking specific details per individual results to identify a person of interest. If you have met these people before, the search would be easier as you only have to look at the mugshots for quick identification.

Other than mugshots, DPSCS inmate search results give other descriptions such as;

Other than the DPSCS search option, there are third-party websites. The two share similar search procedures only because their results are unofficial.

Maryland Jails Roster

Maryland Jails Roster serves as the chief register of names of all inmates across the state. DPSCS is in charge of this list and allows the general public its access for various purposes.

Firstly, the list is for reference or confirmation of an inmate's status. Ordinarily, family, friends, and other interested parties would want to trace and check the status of one of their own. From here, they can plan several things like visits, communication, and sending money.

Secondly, it is for location checks. DPSCS freshly updates the list after every 24 hours with information on transfers, release, admissions, parole, etc.

A jail roster can be found at your nearest jail facility if you are dealing locally. All inmates have their details specified in the list. Suppose you are looking for someone; this list is a quick reference point jail respondents will use to address your quest. You can also check the arrest list from the sheriff's office or public records. Police records will be very much updated on this; however, for public records, it might be a little backward, given the long update procedures involved.

Maryland Prison System

Maryland prison system is the structure holding up the day-to-day operations of all state prisons. The chief head of this structure is DPSCS. All correctional policies come from the department and are dispensed down to individual facilities by prison directors. They ensure prison security by;

Maryland prisons are varied based on gender factors, age, and level of security. Underage offenders go to juvenile facilities, while the rest go to adult ones. In terms of security, there are low, medium, and high or maximum types.

Maryland offers her inmates correctional programs for transformation purposes. They engage in civic education, vocational training, and drug and substance abuse rehabilitation.

Types of Correctional Facilities in Maryland

Maryland Prisons and Jails