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Maine Correctional Facilities

Updated on: March 11, 2023
Department Name
Maine Department of Corrections
25 Tyson Drive 3rd flr State House Station 111 Augusta, Maine 04333-0111
Phone Number
(207) 287-2711
(207) 287-4370
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates

How to find someone incarcerated in Maine

How do you find an inmate in 13 jail facilities spread across Maine? You would agree that the search can be quite tasking, especially if you go manual, walking from one facility to the next. Worry aside! The Maine Department of corrections (MDOC) is here to help. MDOC serves critically by offering correction services to law offenders in state custody, jail, or prison. Part of its mandate is to keep records for every inmate that comes in and goes out of the facilities.

How to find/ locate an inmate through MDOC

As the oversite correctional body, MDOC offers custody of all databases relating to criminals in custody. Typically it means all inmates in the state have their names recorded at the chief office MDOC. Because of the department's many facilities, there might be delays in uploading new changes within the system whenever they occur. The wait is usually after every 24 hours, and after that, you will be able to see transfer information, release, new admission, etc.

To begin the search

  1. log onto the Adult Resident Search page. There will be important information for you to read on Maine Adult Resident/Adult Community Corrections Client Search Service. For instance, the service does not give results for juvenile prisoners.
  2. Click on 'Get Started Now or 'Continue.'

After reading all the notes, you can proceed to this step. The opening page upon click will is a search platform. Fill in the required search parameters; MDOC Number, names, Gender, Age Range, Weight Range (Pounds), etc., then Search.

It will take a few seconds for the results to show. There will be physical descriptions, crime committed, parole, release date, etc.

In case of missing results or changes would most likely mean that you check later, after 24 hours.

Maine Jails Roster 

All 13 jail facilities in Maine report their daily entries on admission, release, bail, and so on to the MDOC. At this national level, now this register becomes the Maine Jails roster. Simply put, a Maine jail roster is a collective list of all inmates in custody of the correction department. This information is always up to date each time. Delays may occur based on the after-24-hour update schedule; nonetheless, you can still find information when it is not about a new admission.

You can use Maine jails Roster to locate and check the status of an inmate

Same way as with county-level facilities, you can always find the whereabouts of an inmate through the jail roster. In addition to names, there is the essential information you get to know, i.e., name and address of hosting facility, their telephone number, transfers or releases, among others.

Note: Roster search will also require that you provide specific details about the inmate, mainly their names and MDOC number.

Maine Jails Roster is accessible to everyone at any time. If you have any challenges with this search option, call (207)-621-2600.

Maine Prison System

Prisons in Maine are the most severe detention centers after jails. The system runs across the state, hosting wrongdoers with dangerous criminal profiles. The value of the Maine prison system is not to punish but alter lives in terms of behavioral change. In so doing, the system works in conjunction with various departments, health, education, and many others to achieve this mission.

MDOC forms the overall head of the Maine Prison System. Under it are several other employees starting with specific prison directors, managers, and support staff, down to the prisoners.

Despite being a system, different types of prisons exist;

The maximum one holds the most notorious criminals. Usually, the security is a bit tighter than the rest.

For the system that it is, Maine prisons work in cooperation with one another to ensure population balance, among others.

Types of Correctional Facilities in Maine

Maine Prisons and Jails