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Louisiana Correctional Facilities

Updated on: August 1, 2023

How to find someone incarcerated in Louisiana

If you are looking for information about Louisiana inmates, prisons, or jails, an inmate search procedure will ultimately help. Fast into the steps; you can visit the Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections website. Click on the 'Locate a Person In Prison Link' to initiate your search. Behind the search link is the Louisiana Automated Victim Notification System (LAVNS), an integrated system within the correctional department's site permitting online inmate search.

The link opens up to a search page where the inmate's name, location, and ID/case number are required as search parameters. Next, you click on search to initiate the process, which brings results in a minute or less.

Details of results that appear include; mugshots, age, location, crime committed, parole, bond, transfers, and date of conviction. This information may be more detailed if you use other search methods like third-party websites. These are crime-fighting institutions with databases on all inmates across Louisiana and sometimes beyond. The downside of their results is that they are considered unofficial. If you have to use them, then the office of the Corrections Department must certify them; otherwise, they can only be helpful as a reference.

Alternatively, reaching out to Imprisoned Person Locator is another reliable option on Louisiana inmate search; you can call 225-383-4580 to be connected. When making this call, ensure to have the inmate's DPS&C number, name, and date of birth. The response will then give you the name of the specific facility hosting the person of interest, their address, and phone number. They may also disclose parole information, release date, and transfers.

Apart from the online search options, you can still locate and check an inmate's status through Sheriff's office or detainment facilities. A call or physical visits work in both cases.

Louisiana Jails Roster

For record keeping, a jail roster is always of great purpose. Louisiana's jail and prison populations are large. The jail roster hence comes in handy in keeping records and bringing convenience to inmate search – let alone statistics.

Many families, friends, and relatives would very much want to know the whereabouts of their incarcerated persons. While there could be other ways to go about this, looking at a jail roster is another reliable option.

Jail facilities keep this list updated daily for reference and coordination within the jail system. Louisiana's jail roster stays in the Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections custody. Apart from online access, you can call the department for related inquiries.

Nonetheless, you can always visit particular jail facilities at county levels to check their roster. In most cases, their stay updates almost after every hour; however, if you are doing an at-large search across the state, then the state roster would be the most relevant to consider. New updates on it reflect after every 24 hours.

Louisiana Prison System

There are nine state prison facilities in Louisiana. Each operates under the legal structure outlined in the state's Department of Public Safety & Corrections. The system composes directors, managers, warden, health care workers, tutors, etc., who work together to change the inmates. Always the aim is to transform them into valuable persons in society. At the time of reentry, they should be law-abiding citizens with a purpose to their community.

To achieve all these, here are specific programs offered to inmates at various prisons within the state.

  1. Rehabilitation from drug and substance abuse: They handle this through close medical attention comprising therapies and medicine.
  2. Education: Inmates can study various subjects rolling from science to history and geography
  3. Vocational training: They include mechanics, carpentry, masonry, beauty, music, etc.

Specific details are available with individual facilities; contact your nearest for more information.

Types of Correctional Facilities in Louisiana

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