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Kentucky Correctional Facilities

Updated on: April 9, 2023
Department Name
Kentucky Department of Corrections
275 East Main Street P.O. Box 2400 Frankfort, KY 40602-2400
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How to find someone incarcerated in Kentucky

Knowledge of the location and status of an inmate occurs as a priority to not only individuals looking for their missing family members, partners, siblings, etc. but many others. Various organizations and institutions, such as law firms, may be quite interested in such for the whereabouts purpose of their clients. In Kentucky, the needs are no different; employers, landlords, colleagues, family, etc., offer time for inmate search procedures across the state.

While you could use many formulas for Kentucky inmate search, there are more convenient and reliable methods to consider. The most official one is using the Kentucky Department of correction portal. The link opens to a search platform where you will proceed by filling in details, full name, and Results Sort Order of the inmate. Next, you will have options for 'Search Data' or 'Reset Data.'

Expected results

When you choose 'Search Data,' it will take less than a minute for the search to complete. Ultimately, the results will appear with mugshots and other added information such as;

This first search option tends to give many results in some cases, thus making the entire procedure a little tasking. Nonetheless, there is always a second option of advanced search. Once you fill in the first form, click on 'Show Advanced Options for a more particular search - in other words, it narrows down the results.

The Kentucky Online Offender Lookup option is not the only one. From sheriff's offices, you can easily find information regarding an inmate within your local area. Another option is visiting jail facilities. They are public and hence accessible to at least many. You can either call or visit in person to fulfill your pursuit.

Kentucky Jail Roster

At least each county in Kentucky has a jail facility, one if not two or more. For purposes of records and reference, all these facilities must have a register; in these cases, a jail roster where details of who is in custody must be recorded. Kentucky jail roster specifies the full names of the inmate, the crime committed, and more on both physical descriptions and conviction facts.

Inmate search via jail roster

Every Kentucky jail facility has a roster. You can call or visit your nearest facility for confirmation when conducting an inmate search. Alternatively, the Kentucky Department of Corrections can help. Though their list update may take longer, about 24 hours, it is still a reliable place to check for official results. Otherwise, more options rely on online searches on jail websites. Some facilities will upload this list on their website for public access.

A jail roster is helpful even to the disciplinary department as it is an essential reference to statistical programs for a facility.

Kentucky prison system

Kentucky Prison System comprises the managerial team, warden, support staff, and inmates. Of course, many other members and organizations play critical roles in fulfilling these security systems' fundamental mission.

At the very top of the disciplinary department is state directors. They play a crucial role in overseeing the entire prison system. Together with other key players, the security ministry stakeholders, facility managers, and so on, the design policies must be followed and adhered to.

All Kentucky prisons strive towards a single mission: transforming inmates into better people, loyal to the law, and economically resourceful. To satisfy this wish, Kentucky correctional department offers educational and rehabilitating programs.

For those who may be interested in tertiary training, vocational training is always available. You will learn metalwork, mechanics, and painting, among many others.

For visitation programs, communication, and money sending, contact specific facilities.

Types of Correctional Facilities in Kentucky

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