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Iowa Correctional Facilities

Updated on: August 20, 2023
Department Name
Iowa Department of Corrections
510 E 12th St, Des Moines, IA 50319, United States
Phone Number
+1 515-725-5701
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates

How to find someone incarcerated in Iowa

Inmate lookup procedures are pretty elaborate in Iowa. The search offers information on the physical location, arrest info, and personal details of the inmate.

The Iowa Department of Corrections (IDOC) oversees all regional jail and prison facilities. Once pronounced guilty by the court, the IDOC takes control of your custody throughout your term. Meanwhile, they showcase all your descriptions online through an inmate search portal accessible to the general public.

Other inmate search options you may have apart from the IDOC portal include;

  1. Sheriff's Office

These offices are locally distributed across the state. Within their correction department, they always have a list of all new and old convicts. Every new arrest joins their listing, which remains accessible to the general public.

  1. Non-governmental websites

In other words, they are known as third-party sites. They are independently owned sites by the anti-crime setups. Their database consists of an updated list of inmates across the state and sometimes beyond.

  1. Contact detaining facility

Another option is to reach out to the hosting jail or prison facility. They'll have information regarding a detainee they have or had in custody.

Whether online or otherwise, critical inmate search parameters for an Iowa inmate must include full names, to begin with. The rest may include the date of birth, location, gender, and offense.

Iowa Jail Roster

Jail Roster in Iowa refers to a detailed list of inmates within a facility. At least all facilities across the state have this. The roster combines everyone in custody, whether newly joining or old. In matters of inmate search, the roster acts worthy as a reference point. Other than names, the document specifies additional information like age, gender, residence, and crime committed by the offender.

To access this list, visit your nearest jail facility. Often you will have them specified depending on dates. Always begin your search from the day your person of interest went missing. But do not worry, as the officers in charge will always guide you further in your pursuit.

Note: In some cases, an inmate's name may miss from this listing depending on whether or not they have received a booking number. It is, therefore, most important to keep an interval check of about one hour.

A copy of the Iowa jail roster is found at the nearest sheriff's department. In most cases, the two, jail and sheriff's office, are complex, granting easier coordination. A call would do; however, an actual visit may be quicker in response.

Iowa Prison System

Like the jails, Iowa Prisons also exist under the IDOC structure, whereby they handle diverse criminals in this case. Part of their custody are lifetime prisoners; they exhibit notorious criminal profiles from the serious crimes they have committed.

Various prison facilities exist in Iowa, defined mainly by their security levels. The high-security types are for serious crimes committed. Their operations are tight regarding security – 24-hour surveillance, lots of fortification, solitary and many others are included. The other types, medium and low-security prisons, are fair and a little relaxed in their operations formula.

A prison director heads every department within the prison facility while implementing IDOC policies. In their support are other team members, the wardens, along with other chief staff, cooks, medics, etc.

Iowa prison system allows prisoners' transfers, visitation, communication, and money reception according to the facility rules. Meanwhile, the facilities grant rehabilitative programs, education, and vocational training to their prisoners in preparation for smooth re-entry.

Types of Correctional Facilities in Iowa

Iowa Prisons and Jails