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Indiana Correctional Facilities

Updated on: April 17, 2023
Department Name
Indiana Department of Corrections
302 W. Washington Street, Room E-334, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone Number
(317) 232-5711
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates

How to find someone incarcerated in Indiana

Inmate search across Indiana is a straightforward process. It is not only friends and relatives who are interested in inmate search but the general public as well; everyone from employers to neighbors and many more. So then, with Indiana's many jails and prison facilities, where do you begin with the search? Easy!

Below are the quick and most reliable options to consider.

  1. Sheriff's Office

All Sheriff's offices across Indiana keep records of their arrest. Despite being under the Indiana Department of Corrections (IDOC), jails and prisons still exist under a special docket within the county Sheriff's office. The two collaborate to ensure all lawbreakers come to books with their actions.

However, you can always call those who can visit the office. While the office functions on a 24-hours basis, on this, you would want to call during the day and work hours for greater convenience.

  1. Check jail websites

Most Indiana jails upload inmate rosters on their websites. It is one quick way to go around this. If you can't find it still you can call. Again, calling during office hours would be of great advantage considering many other official functions within the docket.

An alternative to this would be third-party websites. They offer access to inmate data not just within a facility but across the entire united states – well, atleast some do. Most of them, however, concentrate on a specific state.

  1. Reach out to IDOC

It can be via a call or an actual visit; IDOC has all the information you might need on jail and prison facilities across Indiana. Click IDOC Indiana Inmate Search to access all associated records and find out the whereabouts of your friend, family member or colleague in custody.

Indiana Jail Roster

Indiana Jail Roster gives clarity on an inmate's location and crime committed. Every jail facility prepares this list showing everyone in their custody. If you are trying to find an inmate, this list could be of much help – its information is always first-hand and up-to-date with time. Remember, IDOC updates its database every 24 hours, which could be a long wait for many.

The most convenient way to access the jail roster in Indiana is by visiting the facilities. A more relaxed approach would be to make a call; however, imagining the kind of beehive IDOC is, the response might feature significant delays. Even so, IDOC  provides an online inmate search platform from which you can quickly handle your searches.

To carry out a successful search, the two most essential details you must have are the full names of the incarcerated person and their DOC number. Fortunately, the two are effective when alternatively used.

Ultimately, IDOC shares the jail roster with the office of public records, where you can reaccess them. Other than the names, they offer more details based on the inmate's physical description and service history.

Indiana Prison System

Beyond jail, there are prisons in Indiana hosting some of the severe crime committers. The facilities differ based on three significant factors, security level, management, federal or local, and prisoners' age. Security-wise there are low, medium and high or maximum levels. The 'high' types are mostly federal; they host the most lethal crime committers and mainly serves life term. Less severe crime committers go to low-security facilities. Their period of service is often shorter.

IDOC is the overseeing body of all prisons within Indiana state. Its core mandate is managerial, ensuring all the facilities adhere to rehabilitative and transformative values for the inmates. With this respect, they organize special programs such as tertiary education and vocational training to sharpen knowledge and skills among the inmates. The idea is to prepare the lot for a smooth reentry hence lesser recidivism.

Other than learning, prisons equally offer addiction care programs. These rehabilitative endeavours ensure inmates escape their depressive conditions due to drug and substance dependence.

Check out communication, visitation and money-sending options by contacting specific facilities.

Types of Correctional Facilities in Indiana

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