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Idaho Correctional Facilities

Updated on: April 19, 2023

How to locate someone in jail

Are you suspicious of your friend or relative being in Idaho jail or prison? A quick way to find this is through a quick inmate search procedure.

Like most states in the U.S., Idaho is governed by both local and Federal laws. The law enforcers keep up to speed with any violation they confront with an arrest.

Common violations here vary from petty crimes like touting, idling, and begging to serious offenses such as rape, robbery with violence, killing, etc. Anyone suspected of these crimes may face arrest and arraignment in court for charges. Meanwhile, families and other concerned parties of the victims remain anxious, wanting not only the location of these people but also to connect with them.

Inmate search on IDOC platform Idaho

You can get all records regarding an inmate at any of the Idaho prisons every day and at all times. The procedures pretty much match the jail inmate search. Click Inmate search Idaho to begin your search. The platform offers a search parameter section of name and IDOC number; depending on which one you know, use either. Alternatively, you may want to use partial searches, which in these cases must comprise not less than the first three characters of the inmate’s name or number.

IDOC keeps an updated database for the completeness and accuracy of its information. Because of this reason, therefore, the data on this site can change pretty quickly depending on the new updates. The search results reflect the most recent content on status, location, scheduled termination date, and additional information on an inmate.

Whenever you find no mailing address, keep checking back. In most cases, it may be because the inmate has not yet arrived at any of the IDOCs’ customers. If you want to enquire more about this, please submit a Request for Information form.

Note: because this information is updated every 24 hours, you may want to recheck later if you miss results in the prior attempt. Regardless, you can still reach out to the Idaho Department of Correction Records Information for detailed expansion regarding your reach. 

Idaho Jail Roster

The Idaho Inmate Roster refers to the Department of Correction (IDOC) database regarding those in its custody; jail or prison. All correctional facilities share updated information on the new and old prisoners they host to the IDOC, who then makes them public for the residence.

IDOC is a key security organ within the state government, providing information on arrestees, incarceration, probation, location, parole, etc. Added information includes felony listings consisting of those serving lifetime.

Idaho Inmate Roster, as provided by IDOC, includes the names of all inmates across the entire state updated in the last 24 hours. Their names will still exist for those who completed their terms but are not on the conviction list. Therefore, most employers would pursue this list to dig for background information regarding an employee they intend to hire.

Idaho Prison System

Apart from the jails, IDOC also covers the Idaho prison system; these comprise higher security facilities hosting more dangerous criminals serving longer sentences.

Idaho Prisons typically exist for reform purposes. For this reason, IDOC ensures all its facilities carry on rehabilitative programs focusing on reentry. In most facilities, inmates engage in vocational training and tertiary learning, which sharpen their skills and abilities at the end of the day. The goal is to release back into society economically enabled and viable persons who respect the law.

All Idaho prisons collaborate to ensure population balance and prisoners’ special treatment whenever necessary.

Details on visitation, money sending, and communication are available with the specific facility regarding varied rules and regulations.

Types of Correctional Facilities in Idaho

Idaho Prisons and Jails