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Hawaii Correctional Facilities

Updated on: February 25, 2023
Department Name
Hawaii Department of Public Safety
919 Ala Moana Boulevard, 4th FloorHonolulu, HI 96814
Phone Number
(808) 587-1288
(808) 587-1282
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates

How do I find someone incarcerated in Hawaii

Hawaii state operates under both state and federal law. Anyone who commits an offense is issued a warrant of arrest and charged accordingly. Hawaii inmate search helps address the question of the whereabouts of an arrestee. Such information availed by the search utterly includes personal and arrest information.

Personal, in this case, comprises name, age, gender, mugshot, and more physical descriptions of the culprit. The rest of the information concerns the arrest; they include conviction date, charges, jail of detainment, and parole, among others.

So far, multiple channels and procedures exist upon which you can locate an arrestee within the state. Below are some of the legal and most convenient strategies for the pursuit.

  1. Third-party inmate search websites

Third-party websites contribute to crime-fighting schemes organized by independent organizations. Their search method is similar to the official jail website search; you fill in a search form and submit it. The key difference reflects their results; third-party websites tend to give more details, especially physical descriptions.

Despite so, state departments regard their information as 'unofficial' and hence invalid for official use unless certified by the State of Hawaii Department of Public Safety.

Hawaii state approves of Hawaii SAVIN as the official online inmate search link. It's a free access resource to victims as well as concerned citizens who may be interested in an inmate's information.

  1. Visit the jail facility

Based on proximity, you can equally visit your nearest jail facility to access the jail roster. This is the next alternative you can choose above online and phone contact.

The jail roster for inmate search typically works the same across the U. S's states. How to access one is all that matters to a concerned party.

Hawaii Jail Roster

A jail roster gives information regarding all inmates within a facility. It is one way to easily find an inmate's exact location and a little more information regarding their arrest. Some facilities may have these presented online on their official websites; however, for some, it's manual.

In most cases, an arrestee would be at the nearest jail facility within their location if they never traveled far out of their residential region. To find out where they are, look online, choosing the nearest facility. Ideally, the search would require specific information regarding the arrestee. These include; full names, sex, area of residence, and inmate number.

Hawaii Prison System

Like jails, all prison system operates under the State of Hawaii Department of Public Safety. Prison directors, wardens, prisoners, and other staff are within its structures, including educationists, healthcare persons, and support staff.

The State of Hawaii Department of Public Safety offers managerial and supervisory services to each facility as specified under its legal mandate. All prison directors report to the higher office with suggestions, among other issues of concern.

The core mission of the Hawaii prison correction department is to ensure low recidivism by cultivating quality reentry programs among offenders. Apart from the drug rehabilitation programs, the department focuses more on Correctional Industries (CI), which they consider quite impactful. The program offers knowledge and skills to prisoners in preparation for tackling real-life tasks and situations.

The program aims to return economically self-sufficient persons to the community, those who can join the workforce and convert into industrious, law-abiding citizens.

Hawaii prisons allow visits, communication, and money reception for their prisoners. Each of these procedures follows strict security channels specific to the individual facility.

To find a prisoner, follow the Hawaii SAVIN link to begin an instant search. Third-party websites will also work in this quest.

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