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District of Columbia

District of Columbia Correctional Facilities

Updated on: March 8, 2023
Department Name
District of Columbia Department of Corrections
2000 14th Street, NW, Seventh Floor, Washington, DC 20009
Phone Number
(202) 698-4932
(202) 671-2043
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates

How to find someone incarcerated in Washington DC

Are you looking for someone you suspect is in Washington DC’s jail or prison? Well, do you wish to check their status even if you are sure they are? Fortunately, you can do all these more conveniently than you probably can imagine.

Inmate search across Washington DC has been made more accessible by D.C.’s Department of Correction (DCDC). The department, through its structure, allows the general public to reach out to them via a call at (202) 523-7060 for related inquiries. All you must ensure when making this call is to have the following;

If you wish to subscribe to status updates on your incarcerated person, VINE has a way for you. Register by calling 1 (877) 329-7894 and enjoy the convenience. You can easily note earlier for proper planning when there is an update on release, parole, bond, transfer, etc.

Third-party inmate search

The reference goes to non-governmental-owned sites offering access to the inmate list database. Mostly, these are private institutions running anti-crime campaigns. Their covers not only the district of Washington DC but several other states within the U.S.

Unlike the DCDC search mode, there is an online aspect involved here. First, you will have to log on to one of the websites you chose, for instance, state records. The link opens to a search portal with empty fields, full names, and cities. Once you correctly fill this and click on ‘search,’ results will show your request.

Note: Sometimes, this search may produce many results, especially when so many inmates share the same full names.

Nonetheless, the results will be information you expect on physical description and criminal records.

Washington DC Jails Roster

If you are looking for any inmate within Washing DC, then Washington DC Jails Roster will be a no less option to consider. DCDC takes many roles in its capacity, including keeping official data on who is in prison.

A jail roster is a list indicating names, age, crime information, and much more concerning an inmate. Washington DC Jails Roster is no exception going by this definition. The document in the custody of DCDC keeps all the relevant information regarding an inmate within the state boundaries.

As explained earlier, you can access this list through a phone call to DCDC. It is better you consider office hours, Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, and also remember details of the victim.

Apart from DCDC, other third-party websites will allow you access, however, mostly through online engagements. They may email you the request or display it on your screen upon a search. Despite their convenience, government offices disregard their information as not being official.

Washington DC Prison System

A prison system defines the structure and how specifically the reference facilities operate. In Washington, DC, all prisons run under the office of DCDC. At county levels, there are facility managers who are the directors. They coordinate day-to-day operations within a facility by assisting wardens, specialists, and casual workers.

From low to high-security prisons, protection for everyone is always a priority – DCDC ensures this through its convenient strategies. As such, they hire professionals and set up more advanced features relating to typical crimes and turmoil possibly common in these facilities.


Washington, DC, inmates do not just sit around. Besides typical manual work, the lot also engages in education, vocational training, and drug/ substance abuse rehabilitation programs. Ultimately, DCDC aims to prepare inmates for a smooth re-entry.

Types of Correctional Facilities in District of Columbia

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