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California Correctional Facilities

Updated on: June 13, 2023
Department Name
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
1515 S St, Sacramento, CA 95811, United States
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How to Find an Inmate in California

California inmate records refer to the official record that details information on persons booked in various detention facilities.

These include conservation camps, city jails, and state prisons. The data in these records include details like the name, gender, registration numbers, and mugshots of the inmate. Access to this information is available per the California Public Records Act.

The best way to access this information is through the California Inmate Search system. You will need various details like the CDC# of the inmate or their housing assignment. You can complete this process by calling the Public Information Officer of the assigned jail.

Anyone who doesn't know the whereabouts of a prisoner in Californian prisons should contact the ID department. Their phone number is (916) 445-6713, and they will require details like an individual's date of birth.

The County Sheriff's Departments usually run county-designated jails in California. They are also responsible for the processing of inmate information.

Most counties also provide inmate records through an online website. However, some don't, and you might have to seek other alternatives, such as in-person visits or phone calls.

The other alternative would be to use the official Vine Link of California state. It's a free platform that you can use to access an inmate's details easily online.

California Jail Roster

Like all other correction systems in the county, California maintains an official inmate roster. It gives details on inmates that are currently booked at any local prison facility.

The Sherriffs Departments of respective counties are responsible for relaying this information to the California Department of Corrections.

The best way to use this system would be to contact the DOC directly or email them. It's also possible to access these details through the Inmate Roster California records system.

Inmate rosters usually take longer to update than individual inmate records. One reason is that the CDCR has to consolidate and verify each record before offering it for public access. You can also access a printed copy of the prison roster by contacting the CDRC directly.

California Prison Systems

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) is the official entity responsible for the management of inmates. It is also responsible for the management of state prisons and parole systems.

The main headquarters of this prison office is in Sacramento. Reports have also shown that the CDCR is the third-largest law enforcement department in the country.

The history of the first California prison system dates back to 1851, when the state first launched the official prison of the region. Surprisingly it is a wooden prison ship that the state referred to as the Waban.

However, the debut of the CDCR did not open officially until 1912. It was initially called the California State Detentions Bureau but later changed to the CDRC. This name change aimed to provide much better coverage for the state prison's facilities.

The headquarters of the CDCR is in Sacramento, California. The correctional officers at the facility are also sworn individuals with peace officer capabilities. Some of the primary security levels the CDCR uses for its operations management include:

Types of Correctional Facilities in California

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