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Arkansas Correctional Facilities

Updated on: June 16, 2023

How to Find Someone Incarcerated in Arkansas

The state has designated prison departments that are responsible for processing inmate information. These are inmate records that describe various details about the inmate. Common details processed include their sentencing details, criminal histories, gender, and birth information.

The information is available based on the Per the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. There are various ways through which you can locate an inmate in any of the jails in Arkansas.

There are two critical techniques for searching for inmates incarcerated by the jail:

Use Online Resources

There are various online resources you can use to search for inmate information. You may need details like names, ages, and gender to access this information.

Third-party websites also provide excellent search functions. But first, ensure they are reputable for the best results. Some of these links that we recommend you use for the search process include:

In-Person Visits

The other alternative for locating an inmate involves visiting the specific jail responsible for their arrest. We recommend you contact the DOC main office for more information on the locations and details of finding a specific inmate. Here are the other helpful details for getting the jail:

Arkansas Jails Roster

The Arkansas Jail roster provides detailed information on the inmates currently booked in any facilities in the region. The roster isn't responsible for the details of inmates already released back into the community.

Anyone interested in accessing the information can use the official search system offered by the Arkansas DOC to access this information. Any records not in the inmate roster might require in-person visits or further consultation with the DOC office.

The best way to access the roster is to start with the Arkansas offense description tool. It provides a detailed guide on the specific details of an inmate.

These include their charges, biodata, location, and date of incarceration. While this is the best way to find inmate information, remember that it takes a few hours to process inmate records. You can also contact the prison for any information on errors or corrections to be made on inmate details.

While access to this information is available to the public, it's also under the regulation of the Federal Government. It's only meant for accessing inmates or for legal functions such as law enforcement.

Arkansas Prison System

The Arkansas Department of Corrections (DOC) is the law enforcement entity that manages all the prison facilities in Arkansas.

It features two main specific categories: the Arkansas Division Community of Corrections and the Arkansas Division of Corrections. The ADC has the primary function of housing inmates, while the DCC handles functions like parole.

Furthermore, the ADC is responsible for running over ten regional prison facilities. While the Arkansas DOC started in the 19th century, it was not until 2019 that the state recognized it as a cabinet-level entity. 

The current department headquarters is in a place known as Pine Bluff. It shifted to this location in the late 1970s after years of residing at the Little Rock State Office Facility.

The person responsible for managing the Arkansas DOC is Dexter Payne. He is part of the team that started running the Arkansas facilities in 2019. 

On average, the Arkansas DOC runs a complete prison system with over 20 state-run organizations. Some of the functions of each of these facilities include:

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