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How to Find Someone Incarcerated in Arizona

Like all other states, Arizona maintains various public resources through which someone can find an inmate. The best method for searching for an inmate involves using the online locator system offered by the state's Prison department. The steps involved include:

  1. Visit the Arizona official inmate search link. You can search using the ADC number or the category name. The ADC search makes it easy to trace inmates based on their incarceration number. Generally, each search function should include details like the inmate's full name or ADC number.
  2. Using the name-based search approach will likely bring several results. It's also possible to ask for electronic copies of inmate details. Expect to spend up to $25 to access the records via mail or print. You can check out all information on this process through the ADCPay portal.

You can also use the inmate's personal details, like first or last names. Ensure you input all details correctly to make the search process convenient.

While searching online is the best method to find an incarnated inmate, you still have various other options.

You can either settle for an in-person visit or give the main Arizona DOC office a phone call. The operators of these systems are obliged to share with you inmate information if it's available. Below are the details you need for this process:

Arizona Jail Roster

It's possible to access the official Arizona Jail Roster. The state maintains these records, which detail various information on inmates.

The roster lists all the inmates currently booked by the department. Anyone can access this Arizona Inmate Roster List online. The best way to get the full inmate roster is to search using the filters offered on this system.

It is reliable for finding the complete roster of inmates at the jail. Usually, people use this search approach when they don't have any precise details about the inmate.

The jail roster will provide information on the inmates' mugshots, DOC numbers, gender, date of arrest, and incarceration details. Remember that it's also possible to encounter conflicting or missing information. Consider contacting the main Arizona Prisons Office for assistance at this point.

You can also find the inmate roster through thirdy party websites, but you have to ensure they provide legitimate information.

Arizona Prison System

The Arizona Department of Corrections is a law enforcement agency responsible for various functions. These include the detention, reintegration, and rehabilitation of inmates in Arizona. The department is responsible for up to 13 prisons, with an average of 46,000 inmates. Downtown Phoenix is the main headquarters of this department.

David Shinn is the director of the Arizona Prison Systems. He is responsible for leading over 7,000 correctional staff members and team members. They work statewide to help carry out the department's mission, which involves providing the best inmate detention resources.

Service Operations

Various services help with the running of the Arizona DOC, which include:

Types of Correctional Facilities in Arizona

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