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Alabama Correctional Facilities

Updated on: February 19, 2023
Department Name
Alabama Department of Corrections
301 S. Ripley Street, P.O. Box 301501, Montgomery, AL
Phone Number
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates

How to Find Someone Incarcerated in Alabama

You can use the Alabama Department of Corrections records to access inmate information. However, in-person searches require you to make physical visits to the jail.

The United States regards inmate records and information as public resources. Therefore, all these records are available through various platforms like DOCs. The information in these records is available based on the Freedom of Information Act.

It's possible to find this information through the official jail roster, which we have indicated below. The steps involved in searching for an inmate through this database include the following:

Alabama State Jails Roster

The most convenient inmate search option is to visit the state's jail roster website, which is Alabama Jail Roster. Aside from the AIS number, you can also use inmate records such as first and last names for the search process.

The roster details all inmates who have undergone the booking process. The maximum number of records that come up from each search process is a total of 50. Access to the jail roster is available to the public. The inmate roster will reveal the following details:

The jail roster also details information on different inmate categories. These categories make inmate access and classification within the Alabama state prisons convenient. Some of these records can include the following:

Alabama State Prison System

The Alabama state prison system has an extensive history dating back to 1819. While it took years for a stable jail system to develop, it finally happened after several years of progress.

The person responsible for the creation of the Alabama Prison system is John Gayle. He was the person who first developed various measures to try and formalize the incarceration system in the county.

The department has an average number of 3,00 employees and over 25,000 inmates. John Hamm is the person responsible for the Alabama jails system. The person who appointed him for this role is Governor Kay Ivey, which is an initiative that occurred in 2022.

Hamm is responsible for managing the prison work release centers, adult prison facilities, and community work centers.

Once the jail process an inmate, they will receive the following details:

Types of Correctional Facilities in Alabama

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