Cellblock7.org is an online resource tool providing vital information and links to correctional facilities/detention centers in the US. Since its establishment in 2014, our website has been serving as an online inmate search lookup by providing inmate locator links to jails and prisons distributed in the 50 US states. Each inmate locator presents unique information about a particular prisoner, depending on the local laws regarding inmate records.

Our user-friendly platform has improved load speeds and high-quality search functionalities. More so, it is mobile-optimized to generate fast search results on mobile devices.

Who We Serve

Our website provides an up-to-date database on everything you need to know about US jails and prisons. These include contact information, inmate population statistics, inmate programs, housing facilities, and family resources to help inmates stay in touch with their loved ones throughout their incarceration. In turn, our target audience includes:

  • Families and friends wishing to locate their loved ones incarcerated in a US jail or prison
  • Families and friends who want to call, write, visit, or send money to an inmate
  • Bail bondsmen follow up on settling a set bond and secure a detainee’s release
  • Law enforcement agencies and departments following up on the criminal history and custody statuses of their arrestees
  • Attorneys following up on the case information for a particular inmate
  • Probationers and parolees seeking information about their conditional release
  • Victims of crime following up on the case progress and custody statuses of their perpetrators
  • Parents, guardians, educators, and anyone else following up on the movements of sex offenders within their neighborhoods
  • Students, researchers, and anyone else interested in criminal statistics and trends in the US.

What We Offer

Below are some of the useful links available on our database:

  • Inmate roster links
  • Scrutinizing the local offender registry
  • Viewing the list of most wanted persons
  • Links to set up an inmate telephone account and visitor’s video calling accounts
  • Guidelines on sending money and mail correspondence to an inmate
  • Posting bail information.